Where can you find a flu shot? Doctors urge public to get it ahead of upcoming season

In this 2022 photo, captured inside a clinical setting, a health care provider places a bandage on the injection site of a patient who just received an influenza vaccine. The best way to prevent seasonal flu is to get vaccinated every year. Centers f

Doctors are urging everyone to get their flu shots now to protect themselves and their loved ones as we get into the flu season.         

Typically, some people choose to wait until we get deeper into fall, but doctors said Sept. 30 should be the deadline. Why? Doctors said it can take two weeks to get full protection from a vaccine and with the newest COVID-19 boosters available as well, officials are hoping people get both shots at the same time.

The flu impacts everyone but is most severe for children and the elderly. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends everyone six months and older get a flu shot annually. The push comes as the Southern Hemisphere saw a major uptick in cases this season which hits during spring and summer.

Researchers said those countries saw an early onset of the season, with case numbers reaching pre-pandemic levels.

Experts said the vaccines available target four different strains of the flu to give the best protection from the virus.

For seniors 65 and older, there's a high-dose vaccine to give their immune systems a little extra push.

COVID-19 boosters are free and flu shots are too as long as you have insurance. Without coverage, they cost $25 to $75 depending on dosage strength. 

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