Where is Harriet? M15 continues caring for two eaglets while mother has not been seen in days

Harriet, the famous mother eagle of southwest Florida, has yet to return to the nest where her two eaglets reside with M15. The father eagle has since adjusted his habits rather quickly in order to take care of the baby eagles.

Harriet has not been seen on camera since Thursday afternoon when another bald eagle started intruding on the nest. Since then, M15 has been solo.

"M15 has been protecting his young and has even managed to bring food to the nest. He isn’t used to not having a mate to care for the young," according to the administrators of Dick Pritchett Real Estate's Southwest Florida Eagle Cam. "He is used to having his own time away from the nest - and it is amazing how he has quickly changed that behavior."

They went on to say that it's difficult for one eagle to raise young ones alone, but it's not "impossible."


"We have seen success stories in the past…. unfortunately, these are not that common, but in nature you can never say never," they said Sunday. "M is doing his very best to give both Eaglets enough food during the day."

Florida wildlife officials and the Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife are aware of the situation. Since news of Harriet's disappearance, those residing in southwest Florida have been looking out for the bald eagle, the camera owners noted.

They ask that if you see injured wildlife, contact CROW: (239) 472-3644. They also are telling the public to not bring food near the nest or roadway. 

"It encourages more wildlife to the area (not only birds, but small mammals)," according to a Southwest Florida Eagle Cam social media post. "This is a recipe for disaster - especially in SWFEC’s location. Not only does it bring more predators, but there is the risk of accidents involving motor vehicles and power lines."

Both eaglets hatched in early January. Since then, hundreds have tuned into the live stream to check on the bald eagle family. The parents have brought roadkill and fish heads to the nest, feeding the baby eagles little by little.

Live-streaming video of the eagles' nest is being broadcast from several camera angles, none of which disturb the eagles or make any sound.

Last year, Hurricane Ian destroyed the famous eagles' nests, but two days after the storm passed, Harriet and M15 began to rebuild. That one stick turned into a new nest.

Three months later, those two eggs hatched.

HARRIET'S STORY: Famous eagles of southwest Florida are expecting 2 eaglets following Hurricane Ian

M-15 and Harriet entered their eighth season as a mated pair at this nest. They bonded in 2015 after Harriet's previous mate, Ozzie, died.

You can watch the live stream here: dickpritchettrealestate.com/southwest-florida-eagle-cam.