Two Brevard County teens accused of stealing local election signs

Two teens have been charged with grand theft and criminal mischief for stealing election signs in Brevard County. 

The kids were 16 and 17 years old, according to the West Melbourne police department. 

County commission candidate John Dittmore was able to track his own stolen signs over the Melbourne Causeway and to Melbourne Beach using an air tag earlier this week. 

He’s a retired police officer and isn’t convinced these kids worked alone.

Nine campaign election signs were taken in total. Large wooden frames were cracked, and signs were torn in half. 

Dittmore says the damage cost his campaign around $1,000. He plans to prosecute but wants to make sure everyone who could be involved is held accountable.

So far, only two teens have been charged but no adults. 

"Because I suspect juveniles are being directed by an adult somewhere, I think it’s important that police get to the bottom of this and try to determine who’s actually responsible for this activity," said Dittmore. 

A similar issue happened in Winter Park a few weeks ago. Fox 35 reported on the case when Winter Park police say a former campaign treasurer was accused of bribing teens to steal campaign signs in a tight runoff election.

Back in Brevard County, there’s been no reports of other campaigns being targeted which is why Dittmore says, this needs to be investigated fully.