WATCH: Stranded manatee rescued from Florida beach

A beached manatee was rescued from Bunche Beach in Fort Myers, Florida.

According to the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, the male eight-foot manatee was found on Dec. 10 completely dry and “in crisis” just west of the John Morris Road entrance to the beach.

The manatee was first discovered by Lee County Parks and Recreation employee Matthew Rudd, who, along with members of the public, kept the mammal wet using buckets and towels until help arrived.

The manatee, estimated to weigh 450 to 500 pounds, was lifted onto a rescue stretcher and carried to a Florida Fish and Wildlife van. It was taken to SeaWorld for treatment, the sheriff’s office said.

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On Tuesday, SeaWorld attempted to help with another manatee rescue at Blue Spring State Park.

A manatee, nicknamed Wheelie, has what appears to be a bicycle tire stuck around its body. Blue Spring State Park officials believe that the manatee swam into the tire as a baby and grew larger with the tire still wrapped around it.

Officers with Florida Fish and Wildlife and crews from SeaWorld have been trying to trap the manatee so they can remove the tire, but so far, have been unsuccessful. 

Courtesy: Doris Keeler - Floridiana Magazine