WATCH: Seminole County deputy helps young man with tie ahead of interview

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A Seminole County deputy helping a young man tie his tie before a job interview is being praised after a video of the kind gesture was posted to social media. 

A clerk at a Wawa on State Road 436 in Altamonte Springs recorded Deputy Brandon Gully helping Isaiah King with his tie.

"That is awesome," the clerk, named Stephanie, can be heard saying in the video. "That is cool, that is cute."

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Deputy Gully is seen trying to do the tie on himself before handing it off to Isaiah. 

The video was posted to the Seminole County Sheriff's Office Facebook page where Isaiah thanked the deputy for taking the time to help him.

"He was helping me with my tie for an interview for a sheriff recruit sponsorship. Unfortunately, I didn’t get it. But I’ll keep trying and never give up on my dream job. This is what community policing is about. Thanks again!"

Even though Isaiah didn't end up getting the job with the Volusia Sheriff's Office, Ron Shaw with the Seminole County Sheriff's Office reached out to him after seeing the video.

"Give me a call when you get time. I’m over recruitment for the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office. We can discuss your dream!!!!" he commented to Isaiah. 

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The video touched viewers who praised the deputy and offered words of encouragement for Isaiah.

"The epitome of 'protect and serve'!" one person wrote.

Another said, "So many encounters like these go unseen, unspoken of and unfortunately unheard of too many. The good outnumber the bad... Greatness at its best."