WATCH: Mailboxes being blown up with fireworks in Central Florida

Surveillance video shows powerful blasts rock a dark Apopka neighborhood. 

Not one – but two explosions raining flames on a front lawn. The blasts came from the mailbox. 

The home security cameras show a car pull up to the mailbox on Fortune Lane in Apopka. The homeowner says he heard a deafening boom and the sound of debris landing on his roof.   

He didn’t want to talk on camera, but neighbors are shaken. 

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Someone blew up Lisa Stern’s mailbox Saturday night too. She lives less than two miles away on Holstein Rd. 

"I have horses… so if a horse was standing there and an explosion went off," she said.  

Another camera caught the chaos on her property.  Robert Dane has cameras pointed right on the mailboxes. 


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"A big boom. My wife looked out the window and saw that thing sparking and going crazy," Dane said. 

"They pull up, shut the lights off, put something in, drive off. A couple seconds later… ‘Boom,’" Stern explained.  

The big concern is what if one of the neighbors had been outside – or worse – reached for the mail before the explosion. 

It’s a mailbox mystery they want solved. 

"You don’t know who’s doing it and why," Stern said. 

Stern says she filed a report with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office and the Postal Service.  

When FOX 35 asked the sheriff’s office if they were investigating – they told us they would work to get us more information Tuesday. 

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