WATCH: Drivers stop to let 45 ducks cross road during rush-hour commute in Maine

A very large family of adorable ducks brought traffic to a standstill in a town in Maine earlier this month.

Karen Ramunno posted video to Facebook showing the 45 ducks crossing a 5-lane highway during morning rush-hour in Biddeford, but drivers didn't seem to mind at all.

The ducks are seen waddling across the street at cars yield so they can safely make it to the other side.

They appear to proceed in separate waves. The first group, consisting of many young ones, go first, followed by a second group. Two stragglers, who appeared to be hesitant to cross, complete the duck parade as cars let them pass.

"Proof that there are more good people in this world than bad!" Ramunno wrote on Facebook. "Not one person in the 2 lines of traffic were beeping or impatient with these guys! Even the last 2 stragglers!"

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