Waitress and single mom receives $140 Christmas tip

A Kissimmee waitress says she got the tip of a lifetime.

Jacki Young says she was working as a waitress at 3 Sisters Speakeasy over the weekend, when a customer she didn't know walked in.

"He gave me 20 bucks off hand. I was like, 'Thank you very much!"

She says it was the night of Kissimmee's Festival of Lights parade. The man was watching the festivities with three others, from inside the restaurant.

"We got really, really busy. He ordered steak. It came out not so great, and the food took a long time. It was like an hour-and-a-half," she explains.

Despite the mishap, the kind-hearted customer decided to give Young another 20 dollars, after ordering more food that he enjoyed, she said.

 "I was like, 'Well thank you. I didn't expect that!"

When he started to pay the bill, she said he asked, "Do you have children?" 

"I was like yea, I have two kids, 9 and 14. He was like, 'Are you married?' I said, no I'm a single mom. He was like, 'I'm feeling the Christmas spirit, and I'd like to bless you today."  

It was a very special gift left in the check, something the Young says she definitely needed.

"I open it up and the tab was like $68 dollars, and he left me a $100 tip on top of the $40 dollars he already gave me in cash," she says.  "So I got up and I gave him a really, really big hug, and it was really, really nice. It was awesome!"

We asked what she planned to do with the money, to which she replies,  "Christmas presents for the boys!"

Young has been a waitress for 15 years and says she has never had anything happen like this, until now.

"He didn't drink any alcohol, so he wasn't drunk. It was very sincere, very genuine, came from the heart and I was really grateful!" 

Young says the restaurant is back to normal, serving great food in the kitchen again.