Volusia County to create animal abuse registry

If you abuse an animal in Volusia County, soon everyone's going to know about it.  

Volusia County leaders on Tuesday voted to create a public database, showing everyone in the county who has been convicted of animal cruelty over the last decade.

"You don't want to put an animal back into a home that there's already abuse," said County Council Member Billie Wheeler.

Animal activist Debbie Darino has worked hard for this accomplishment after ponce the puppy was brutally beaten to death.
She started with getting Florida to pass Ponce's Law, which cracks down on animal abusers.  A judge can even stop someone from owning pets. She says this animal abuser database is another tool to enforce Ponce's Law.

"You'll go to that link, you'll type in a person's name. If they're in there, it's a pretty good indicator you might not want to give them an animal," Darino said.

Convicted animal abusers and their mugshots will be posted on the county's animal control website for 10 years, so everyone -- including shelters and rescues -- can check it. While there are no consequences if someone does give a pet to a convicted animal abuser, Darino and county leaders hope that won't happen.

"I'm on the board for Florida Association of Counties, so I would like to take it to them also to see if we can get other counties involved," Wheeler added.

The database is expected to go online June 1.