Volusia County holds school safety forum

It was a full house at the Volusia County School Board meeting Tuesday night. Like many school districts, Volusia is trying to figure out how to improve safety at its 71 schools.

Sheriff Mike Chitwood said he does not have enough deputies to guard them all, and getting more would take time and money. Tuesday night, the school board met to discuss school safety, including the possibility of arming teachers. Parents, teachers and concerned citizens voiced their varied opinions.

"I don't see how putting more guns in schools with make our school more safe," said Joshua Laclair, parent of two Volusia county students.

He, along with other parents, wore orange ribbons honoring the Parkland shooting victims. Laclair said he hopes he never has to go through what the parents in Parkland went through.

The board did not vote Tuesday night on the safety issue. They said it will take more time to resolve.