Central Florida schools prepare for distance learning

"We wanted this to be a pep rally to let them know that we're ready and we know that they're ready,” Sterling Park Elementary School Assistant Principal Teresa Thacker said.

Sterling Park Elementary kicked off distance learning with a pep rally. School districts all over the area going back to class online Monday, including Orange County.

Orange County Schools posted this video on YouTube.

“These are challenging times that we will get through,” Orange County School Superintendent Dr. Barbara Jenkins said. “We all believe that your future remains bright.”

Teachers will instruct students through the internet.

"The teachers put together a really good program for us,” parent Jaime Reyes said. “It's really easy to follow. I think we'll be fine."

Jaime Reyes’ daughters go to Sterling Park Elementary.

"They almost teach themselves, really,” Jaime Reyes said. “They're pretty good kids."

They came to the pep rally to say hello to their teachers. They have tested out their online lessons. All seems to be going well, but they say they will have to get used to it.

"It's hard because you don't have a person that's like actually talking to you and you miss your friends and teachers and administrators a lot,” student Delsie Reyes said.

Teachers will be using software designed for online teaching, such as Google Classroom.

"Our students are excited,” Sterling Park Elementary Instructional Coach Trina Kennedy said. “We're excited. It's an unexpected adventure, but I think we're all ready to embrace it and learn together through this."