Viral TikTok video shows chaotic scene as rat runs around Orlando International Airport terminal

Travelers and Orlando International Airport staff had the scare of their lives when a rat decided to explore Terminal A. 

A viral TikTok video captioned "ONLY AT FRONTIER AIRLINES MCO CAN YOU FIND THIS" which has amassed nearly 7 million views shows the chaos that ensued as the rat eluded dustpans and broomsticks. 

Passengers can be heard screaming, some even running as some workers and travelers attempted to capture the rodent. 

The rat was unsuccessfully scooped up into a dustpan twice by someone who appears to be an airline or airport worker. Some of the crowd began cheering, but that was short-lived when the rodent escaped again. 

By the third attempt, someone was able to pin the rat to the trash can with a broom before a passenger came over with what appeared to be a jacket. 

A comment left by ecirtapology said, "This sounded like a sports game. The way they cheered and screamed was hilarious." 

Another comment from yosoyminda said, "TV live audience vibe lol."

Viewer zoeklar said, "telling my kids this is curling."