VIDEO: Woman with pickaxe smashes in windows of Pasadena home

A woman was arrested after she was caught on home surveillance video using a pickaxe to bash in the windows of a Pasadena home, officials said. 

The video is chilling. A woman can be seen carrying a pickaxe walking up a driveway and then swinging it at the windows of a house on Asbury Drive. 

"She had no emotion, just swinging away, swinging away," said homeowner Arman Tchoukadarian. The attack happened on Monday around 5 p.m.

His six-week-old baby girl was sleeping in a bassinet near the window, when the woman went on the attack. Luckily, his mother-in-law picked her up just in time.

"The glass shards from these giant windows were literally double her size, [they] landed right in her bassinet where my daughter was laying. If she was five seconds late, my daughter would no longer be with us," Tchoukadarian said of his mother-in-law.

Tchoukadarian said the woman didn’t just damage the windows, he said she ruined his family’s sense of security. 

"This is our brand-new home, we’re not even done building the house, and my wife my kid can’t even come home, they’re terrified they don’t want to come home," he said.

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Pasadena Police arrested 65-year-old Beverly Baker for the attack. She’s facing a charge of felony vandalism. Her arraignment has been set for Wednesday. Tchoukadarian said Baker owns several properties in his neighborhood, but he’d never seen her before. He worries he was targeted because he’s Armenian. On Tuesday, Tchoukadarian managed to get a temporary restraining order against Baker.

On the video, Baker can be seen walking away, putting the pickax over her shoulder and loudly saying, "I’ll be back, get out!"