Video shows daring palm tree rescue of tree trimmer

Firefighters in Arizona say a man is lucky to be alive after getting stuck in a palm tree.

On Wednesday, the Tucson Fire Department received a call of the around 7 a.m. near Harrison Road and 29th Street. The agency shared tense video of them saving the tree trimmer on its social media accounts. 

Two firefighters were seen climbing the fire trucks’ ladder to find the man, who is in his 40s, pinned under heavy palm fronds, according to Tucson News Now. As firefighters cut away the fronds, the man fell backwards, but remained suspended by the fire department’s cables. He managed to pull himself upright, and travel down the ladder. 

The entire incident lasted 30 minutes after the initial call made to the Tucson Fire Department. 

Captain Andy Skaggs of the Tucson Fire Department told Tucson News Now the man was back working on the same tree later that afternoon. The rescue crews were taught and trained in palm tree rescues last Thursday and Friday, and the video will be used for future training. 

Skaggs also told Arizona Daily Star, the fire department receives a couple of calls a year for palm tree rescues, and they are often fatal. 

"When palm fronds come down on a worker, it is very rare that they live to tell about it. The fronds are extrmemely heavy and will do traumatic things to the body,' he said.