Video shows bear stuck at the top of utility pole in Arizona

A bear found itself stuck in an awkward situation in Arizona.

An electrician spotted the big guy trapped on a power pole near Wilcox. 

"Alright, little bear. Time to get off this pole," a worker says in the video while trying to help the bear. 

He and his apprentice cut the power and used a bucket to help set the bear free.

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"Sulphur Springs Valley Electric Co-op employees Warner Newbauer and Efren Gallego coaxed a young bear off a utility pole yesterday from the basket of their boom truck after cutting the power," the Arizona Game and Fish Department Tucson wrote in a Facebook post. "The bear, likely startled up the pole, had risked electrocution." 

The bear was able to back its way down and scamper off. Officials say the bear was uninjured.