Video of alligator slowly crossing road on University of Florida's campus goes viral

The University of Florida is home to the Florida Gators – literally!

On March 29, Josh Epstein, a research coordinator at UF, said he was dropping off a package at a FedEx drop-box location on the university's campus when he saw an alligator crossing the road near a crosswalk. 

Epstein began recording video of the gator as it slowly made its walk from the campus, before sliding into a nearby canal.

"I first saw the gator on the other side of the road emerge from the canal. Just seeing that was very exciting because I usually just see gators in the water or on land but not emerging from the water onto land," Epstein told FOX 35 News. "After I dropped off the package (about ten minutes later) I noticed the gator was beginning to cross the road. I was ecstatic at this point and felt very lucky to be there at that exact moment!"

The video, which was posted on Facebook with the caption, "Just a normal day on UF campus," has since gone viral, garnering more than 80,000 views and over 1,000 shares.


Facebook users had plenty to say in the comments section:

  • "Go Gators! looks like they have the right of way!"
  • "So well mannered using the crosswalk, unlike a lot of people I’ve seen"
  • "Hmm going for a swim after a long day in the office"
  • "I think that’s my buddy! I see him just about every day I’m on campus… but usually he’s chilling or swimming"
  • "Most colleges have no real association with their sports team's name. There are no bears at Baylor and no tigers at LSU, for example. But there are gators at the University of Florida!"

It wasn't the first time Epstein has seen the reptile in gator country.  He says he often sees them on campus or in and around Lake Alice, a body of water on UF's campus.