People 60-and-up eagerly waiting for eligibility to open up next week

The governor is lowering the vaccination age in Florida again.

Since the governor started opening the vaccination eligibility beyond the 65-and-up age group, it seems like every week another group is announced. And Monday, people aged 60+ were told they’re next.

"I can’t wait. We’ve been waiting. I keep trying to register, but I’m not old enough," said Judy Roemer, who lives in Altamonte Springs.

It’s one of the few times being too young is a bad thing. Judy Roemer, 62, has been anxiously waiting to get her COVID vaccine, so has her husband, Bob, who just missed the mark. He’s 64.

"But as soon as we get the 60-65, we’ll be good."

That day is almost here.

"Starting one week from today, next Monday, we will be lowering the age in the State of Florida to 60+ for vaccinations," said Governor Ron DeSantis at a press conference in Tallahassee Monday.

"It seems right. The more people that can get vaccinated is a good thing. Maybe we can get past this and move on," said Mark DeFilippo, who lives in Casselberry.

The governor made the announcement after detailing the progress Florida has made with vaccinating the 65+ group. More than 56% of Florida’s seniors have received at least one dose so far. The governor says appointment sign-ups aren’t filling up as quickly anymore. "This is the right time to do it. We’re starting to see the demand soften."

Roemer hopes it stays that way. "I hope it’s easy to get an appointment once we can."

"So, we can go up north and visit our kids and grandkids," said her husband, Bob.

"Let’s get things back to normal."

The governor says those eligible in the 60 to 65 range is about another 1.5 to 2 million people.

It opens to 60-and-up next Monday at all locations, including pharmacies.