UPS driver makes special stop to visit 6-year-old Wisconsin girl

On his UPS route through Oak Creek, driver Kevin Kiewig always makes a special stop at one house. Kevin stops by to check on his friend, 6-year-old Molly. 

When UPS driver Kevin Kiewig stopped by the Zehnder house two years ago, Molly answered the door and from there a bond slowly formed. 

"Everyone just rolled with it," said Amy Zehnder, Molly's mom. "He is so down to earth, he's realistic, he's kind, he's humble, he's one of Molly's best friends."

As best friends do, the two are there for one another. Kevin recently had shoulder surgery. 

Molly Zehnder

Molly Zehnder

"What did you tell me, Molly?" said Kevin Kiewig. 

"I said, don’t be scared," said Molly Zehnder. 

"Exactly. Because everything will be alright, right?" said Kiewig. 

Molly was diagnosed with congenital hydrocephalus at 20 weeks. When she was 20 days old, Molly had her first two brain surgeries. 


Molly Zehnder

"When I see you, and I’m like wow, that little girl has done all that and look at you. You’re so smart, happy all the time," said Kiewig. 

"She’s something, she’s everything we were told she’d never be. She’s taught me that capacity to love, to teach, and to show is not measured by her capabilities," said Amy Zehnder. 

In honor of the friendship, UPS donated $10,000 to Children's Wisconsin in Molly's name. 

"It brought us to tears. That is such a big gift. And it was absolutely above and beyond generous of UPS to make that donation in Molly’s name," said Amy Zehnder. 


Kevin Kiewig


Molly Zehnder

Much like the gift of true friendship.

"I mean, she just brightens my day. Everything that she’s been through in her life. I mean, when I’m having a tough day and everything’s not going well and I know I’m coming by, it just makes my day so much better," said Kiewig. 

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Kevin says that even when he doesn't have a package to drop off for Molly and her family, he will honk the horn on his truck to say hello.