UPDATE: Manager of Golden Corral not shot during armed robbery

UPDATE: Orlando Police tell FOX 35 the manager of an Orlando-area Golden Corral restaurant was not shot during an armed robbery Saturday as once believed.

Dramatic surveillance video from inside the Golden Corral on South Semoran Boulevard, north of Orlando International Airport, shows a robbery inside the restaurant.

The video shows a suspect coming through the kitchen with a handgun drawn.

Orlando police say the four suspects wore masks.

Kimberley Gail has been a server at the restaurant for six months now. She never expected anything like this.

She told Fox 35 News, “I left before it happened. Thank God. I was in the building thirty minutes before.”

Employees tell FOX 35 the suspects went in through the back of the restaurant and held a female worker at gunpoint while they did the robbery to convince the manager to cooperate with them.

Police say the video shows a gunman threatening a man, who scrambles to put cash into a bag.     

Orlando Police confirm the robbers took money from the register and items from some workers.

One suspect fired two shots inside.  Police originally thought one round struck the manager, however, it was discovered the victim broke his ankle.   

Gail says the incident took a heavy toll on coworkers.  

“Several of them were emotionally distraught, couldn't come into work.” She said. “One of them did come into work and had to leave, and you know, it's a big thing to go through.”

Gail hopes anyone who recognizes the suspect caught on camera will call police right away to help catch these crooks.

She adds, “It would be such a great help to the people who work here and their families to be able to know that's not going to happen to anybody else.”