Two-time Super Bowl champion returns back home to Orlando for fundraiser

Former Boone High School punter Tommy Townsend received a warm welcome on Tuesday. He hosted his second annual fundraising event at Johnny’s Other Side Restaurant in Orlando.

The money raised from the event is going towards helping the Boone football program with things like buying helmets and jerseys for players.

"It’s cool getting to come back and see everybody, get to share the championships with all my friends and family and south Orlando people," Townsend told FOX 35.

Townsend spent the last four years playing for the Kansas City Chiefs, where he won back-to-back Super Bowls. He’s now with the Texans.

"When Tommy made it, we were like ‘yeah’. It was awesome," Boone grad Sandy Maher said.

"He’s very humble. That’s always been Tommy. He’s a hard-working guy and he remembers the people who have been along on the journey with him," Boone head football coach Andy Johnson said.

Townsend shared a touching moment with two of his former high school coaches, as he surprised them with Chiefs Super Bowl jerseys. Another tangible to show that anything is possible.

"It’s hard to put into words. It’s something you dream about as a kid. For it to come to fruition is nothing short of a miracle," Townsend said.