Truck crashes into Melbourne home during chase

Police chased Jerrell Brown from Palm Bay, where they say he stole a white pickup truck. The chase ended in Melbourne, with the truck smashing through the front door of a house. Clara May said she'd been on the porch only minutes earlier.

“Smoking, alarms going off, it was just crazy, I was just terrified,” May recalled.

May lives at the house with her ailing father. She said it all happened so fast. “By the time I got out and saw what happened, the police arrested this guy and put him in the car. They were literally right on him when he airplaned right into the house,” she said.

Police said Brown went around their stop-sticks, barreling down the street until he smashed into May's house. They say they had no choice but to go after him.

“We had to take action,” explained Melbourne Police Lt. Brian Hart, “we can't allow that kind of behavior to continue. Him driving recklessly without us behind him was going to put others at risk. At that point it's a public safety issue, we have to get involved.”

Brown was in Brevard County Court today, on charges relating to the crash and also drug possession. Neighbors Reggie Simmons said he’s stunned. “It's kind of scary, it's terrifying. Just thankful nobody in the house got hurt.”

May said she's counting her blessings. “I'm thankful and grateful and I can't say that enough.”

May said engineers have taken a look at the house. They say it's not safe for them to go in the front room anymore, but they can continue using the other rooms in the house.