Too many showers? Pasco man arrested after fight with roommate

PCSO photo

Pasco County sherriff’s deputies on Tuesday arrested a 48-year-old man who got into a fight with his roommate over how often he showered. 

Deputies say Byron Christianoudis was going to take a shower when his 70-year-old roommate told him he could not take a shower because he takes too many.

Christianoudis had been renting from his roommate, whom deputies did not name. 

According to deputies, a verbal argument ensued, which led to Christianoudis placing his roommate in a headlock. While he had his roommate in that headlock, Christianoudis allegedly scratched the man's face with his nails and caused a laceration. 

Christianoudis admitted to putting his roommate in a headlock, but told deputies that he felt threatened and was defending himself. 

Christianoudis was arrested for battery on a person over 65 years old.