Titusville residents worried about housing project for homeless, mentally unstable

Residents in Titusville, Florida are worried about a new housing development that they believe could have adverse impacts on their neighborhood. 

The controversial housing project planned at 2727 Demaret Drive is currently moving through the permitting process, but skeptics say it lacks transparency, and they want to be part of the conversation.

The yet-to-be-developed property is now home to a large forest that would be cut down to make way for an 84-unit apartment building called Apollo Gardens.  The complex, which is being developed by a supportive housing company out of Miami, would assist the homeless and people with mental disabilities.  Neighbors say the new development could have dire consequences for their community.

"It’s a totally inappropriate project for this location, for that piece of land. I don’t even know why they considered it," said Janet Davis. She’s a longtime homeowner in the community who’s worried. "Why, right in the smack middle of it, would they want to put this kind of a project? I do not know."

People feel like they have more questions than answers surrounding the proposal with some saying they’re frustrated with what they call a lack of transparency.

"One of our main issues is safety and so how do we protect our community? In order to do that, we need to know exactly what’s being put in and so that’s what we’re asking city council is for transparency," said Megan Moscoso. 

She moved into the neighborhood about a year ago and has been working to educate her neighbors on the proposed changes.

"How are we going to take care of this community? This is the kind of community that needs emergency services maybe five times a week," added Billi-Jo Clayton who also lives in the community.

Neighbors say Titusville doesn’t have the wraparound services this vulnerable population needs. They’re also worried about traffic in the area that these new housing units would bring.

"Where it is – there’s nowhere in or out except right here through two small neighborhood streets," Davis said.

FOX 35 News took these concerns to the company wanting to develop. In a statement sent to FOX 35, Carrfour Supportive Housing says they are "exploring some suggestions she made about changing the entrance location. We are open to considering any viable, constructive suggestions from the neighborhood." 

The CEO also says, "We strive to be good neighbors in every community where we build and will do the same in Titusville."

These neighbors are asking for a pause before building something that could have a long-lasting impact.

"Our community will be impacted in a way. We’re barely getting by keeping dangerous community out of here now," Clayton concluded.

As for what’s next – these concerned homeowners will be addressing the city council on Tuesday night at 6:30 p.m. to see if the project will need a particular type of permit to move forward. FOX 35 did reach out to local elected leaders for comment. At this time, we haven’t heard back.