Tinted windows will help you keep cool this summer!

If you haven't had your car windows tinted yet, get it done now before summer really starts heating up! The Florida sun is really intense and can be just as detrimental to your car as it is to your skin. The inside of your car can be damaged by the harmful rays of the sun, so it's important to keep your car's interior looking like new! Having Orlando window tinting done can be extremely beneficial and is worth the money!

Window tinting can protect you and your car!

Keep your interior pristine: Block out the sun's intense heat with window tinting in Orlando. UV rays can penetrate your car's windows and can lead to the demise of your nice car interior. The immense heat and excessive sunlight can cause your seats and dashboard to dry out, fade or crack.

Protect your skin: No matter how dark or light the tint, window tinting blocks 99 percent of the sun's UV rays. UV rays damage the DNA of skin cells and can be a major cause of skin cancer. Tint acts a shield for your skin against the harmful effects of the sun!

Beat the heat: No one in Florida enjoys getting in their car after a long day of it sitting in the sun. The seats burn your legs, the steering wheel scorches your hands and any exposed metal feels like the burning of a thousand suns! Fortunately, tint dramatically reduces the temperature of your car's cabin! Consider also using a sunshade and cracking the windows an inch or two!

Boost your style: Customize your car and up its coolness factor by adding window tint! Upgrade your car's look with window tinting in Orlando. Darker windows are a great way to bring you and your car's style all together.

What else makes this Orlando auto service worth the money?

Personal privacy: Feel more comfortable belting out your favorite song on the radio with Orlando window tinting service! People outside of your car will not be able to see you as easily! Darker windows also help deter car burglars from breaking in because it's hard to see what in your car is worth stealing!

Stay safe: We bet you didn't realize how much safer you could be with tinted windows! Tint helps reduce glare and allows you to have better visibility. A glare can cause you to have to take your eyes off of the road, and in just a split second, an accident could occur. Additionally, tint will keep your window from shattering so easily. The thick film on the glass will help keep it together if a collision or a break-in were to occur.

Keep cool this summer and protect your skin, stuff and family with tinted windows from our Toyota Service Center in Orlando! Our expert technicians can apply tint quickly and easily for you, at an affordable price! Save money and headaches down the road with tinted windows! If you'd like to schedule an appointment, call (866) 454-1614!

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