EXCLUSIVE: 3 sinkholes prompt pool to close in The Villages

Three sinkholes have opened up near a recreational center in The Villages, prompting closures to the pool and recreation area out of precaution.

Engineers will be on-site Monday morning to evaluate the sinkholes outside of the Moyer Recreational Center in The Villages.

The sinkholes opened on Saturday morning in a man-made pond outside of the center. This prompted closures to the center and pool area. The center has since reopened and the pool remains closed. The sinkholes opened close to the pool area, but far enough that no one was hurt.

"It is the silver lining. It’s out of the way, not on a trail or a roadway where people come across constantly," said Fire Chief Edmund Cain, with The Villages Department of Public Safety.

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Chief Cain says the sinkholes haven't gotten any bigger since Saturday, which is a good sign.

"It happened in the ideal location. It’s off the beaten path. It’s out of the way and we have control over it," Chief Cain said.

The sinkhole has become quite the attraction in The Villages. People came out in droves to see the sinkholes in person and take pictures. However, some residents say it makes them nervous to see that happen in their backyard.

"It’s a little surprising and concerning to everyone who lives around here," said Tom Evans, who lives nearby.

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Chief Cain says an engineer will return Monday morning to determine what the next steps will be.

"It’s Mother Nature, we’ll have the engineering group come out tomorrow and do what needs to be done," Chief Cain said. "It’s Florida. It does happen."

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