Thieves cause $40,000 in damage to Deland motorcycle shop, police say

Deland Police and Volusia County Deputies have recovered at least ten stolen dirt bikes from Deland Motorsports. The theft occurred around three o'clock Saturday morning. The store manager, Robert Stacy, said the thieves loaded the bikes in to a U-Haul truck.

Stacy said he got the call early this morning. “Two cars, about 15 individuals with the U-Haul truck. Smashed the side of the windows, ripped the doors open and started loading up some dirt bikes,” he said.

One by one, Deland Police investigators took the recovered bikes back out of the truck, carefully searching them for evidence. Stacy said they've been hit before.

“First time we've had someone get inside the building, we've had attempts through the back fence, but nothing inside the building, this is the first time inside the building,” Stacy said.

Stacy said the bikes are worth around a hundred thousand dollars. He also says the thieves did about forty thousand dollars worth of damage in the process. “Insurance is covering hopefully, so we'll go from there,” he added.

He says dirtbikes are easy to steal and frequent targets because they don't need a key to start them up.

Stacy is thanking police and deputies for getting the bikes back. “We've got a pretty good security system and response time. Deland PD, Volusia County Sheriffs, they have excellent response times and they got here before they hit the interstate and was gone with my stuff. They were able to get it and get it back for me,” he said.

We're checking with police and deputies to see whether they've made any arrests in this case.