Test Track at Walt Disney World's Epcot park to temporarily close

Disney posted on its website that a popular attraction at Epcot would temporarily close in the coming days, but it remains unclear for how long. 

On June 17, Test Track Presented by Chevrolet will shut down, reportedly for refurbishment. No other details were released.

The 25-year-old attraction allows visitors to create their own virtual concept car. After that, guests can buckle up in a six-passenger "SIM Car" and take it for a thrilling ride on the test track, which is both indoors and outdoors.

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The ride features rough terrain and obstacles, straightaways for acceleration, switchbacks in inclement weather, curves banked at 50-degree angles, and hills up to three stories high. 

Test Track Presented by Chevrolet [Credit: Disney]

Cars can reach speeds of up to 65 mph. After the ride, guests can check the scoreboard to see their vehicle’s performance.

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Post-ride activities include making and sharing a commercial of the design, racing the car again in a miniature virtual test, or posing for a photo with the vehicle.

Test Track opened to much fanfare in 1999 ahead of the Walt Disney World Millennium Celebration at Epcot. FOX 35 is working to get more details on plans for the attraction. Check back for updates.