Teens praised for giving spare Red Sox ticket to homeless man

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Three teenagers in Massachusetts are being hailed on social media for giving a spare Red Sox ticket to a man they say was homeless.

Pedro Lugo tells Fox 35 that he and his friends, Sean Wetzonis and Francisco Rios, were headed to Fenway Park to watch the Red Sox play against the Blue Jays on Tuesday night when one member of their group had to back out.

"My dad and friends suggested to either sell the tickets to get the money back or take a girl, but I didn't want to do that. I wanted to give the ticket to someone who would appreciate it."

Before they entered the park, Lugo says they saw a homeless man asking people for spare change. Since Lugo didn't have any money on him, he asked the man, named John, if he wanted to go to the game with them.

"He immediately jumped up and agreed!" Lugo tells Fox 35. "You could see the joy and excitement. During the game he cheered on the Sox and he was very focused on the game unlike other people who were on their phones and taking pictures."

Lugo says the best part was when the 7th inning came and their new friend John joined the crowd in singing 'Sweet Caroline."

"It was a moment we most certainly won't forget."

Lugo says  he hopes they can reconnect with John and catch another game with him soon.