Teen shot at apartment complex in Brevard County, police say

A teenager was shot at an apartment complex overnight in Brevard County and transported to the hospital, according to police.

A spokesperson for the Rockledge Police Department told FOX 35 that the shooting happened around 10 p.m. at the Hammock Harbor Apartments. Details on the circumstances of the shooting are not known, nor was the boy's current condition.

Police said 35-year-old Chanel Williams was arrested on charges of child neglect, furnishing a weapon to a minor, causing a child to commit an act of delinquency, and unsafe storage of a firearm.

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Dave Benson, a security expert, emphasizes it is the gun owners' responsibility to keep their firearms secured. 

"I don’t know the circumstances of this case, but kids are tenacious. They get into things. So it can’t be easily accessible. Everyone in the family shouldn’t know where that is. Have it in a location that’s a little harder to find, always keep it secure, and when in doubt separate the ammunition from the weapon," said Benson.

"When you start talking about teenagers they are beginning to formulate opinions about what they’re going to do or not do – it’s important that you don’t have it in such a place where they know exactly where to get it," he continued.

Rockledge police did not elaborate on Williams' arrest or the charges, but said the shooting remains under investigation.