Take years off the look of your used car!

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Do you love your used car? If you still have it, it must be because it’s special to you! We understand that it’s easy to become attached to a car, especially if you and it have been through a lot together! We also know that after thousands of miles and years of memories, your car is probably beginning to look outdated and maybe a little bit shabby. Rejuvenate the look of your ride with Toyota of Clermont’s tips to enhance your used car!

Spruce up your used car with these tips and tricks!

If your favorite car is starting to show its age, it may be time to give it a makeover! There are some improvements you could do yourself and there are some that our Toyota service technicians could do for you! Get ready to have your car look better than ever!

  • One DIY car improvement tip is to clean your car inside and out! Clear the cabin of your car of clutter and vacuum the carpets and seats! Clean your Orlando floor mats if they’re dirty or stained, too. Once the interior is spic-and-span, wash the exterior! With some soap, water and elbow grease you can give your car a good facelift! Don’t forget a good coat of wax to protect the paint from sun damage and falling debris!
  • If the seats in your car are beginning to fade or are torn and ripped, protect them from further damage with seat covers. You can buy colorful and comfortable seat covers in our Toyota Parts Department that will help make your used car look new again!
  • If your car has any scratches or dings, you can make it look like it never happened with some touchup paint! Touchup paint is perfect for fixing those minor damages to the car’s clear coat and paint. 

Let our Orlando Toyota Service Center help boost the look of your car!

Over time, your car’s headlights can begin to fog up or turn yellow. Clouded headlights give your car a grimy or grungy look, so to improve that you can get Orlando headlight restoration! Our professional auto technicians can clear up those headlights to not only enhance the look of your car, but to also give you better visibility while driving at night!

What kind of technology does your car have? Nowadays, most cars come standard with MP3 playing capabilities as well as Bluetooth wireless connectivity. If your car doesn’t have this, you could have our Orlando Toyota service technicians replace your radio head unit and stereo system for a more modern system! Your used car will look updated and your drive time will be more convenient!

Don’t end your relationship with your best used car because it’s starting to get old! Take years off of its appearance with these tips and ideas from Toyota of Clermont! If you have any questions about other ways to upgrade your car, call us at (866) 454-1614 or visit us at 16851 State Rd. 50, between the Florida Turnpike and Highway 27!

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