Suspected serial rapist in Daytona Beach faces judge

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Alleged serial rapist Markeith Martin faced a Volusia County judge, Saturday morning. The judge said he gets no bond. Martin walked into court in chains, accused of a string of rapes going back nearly a decade. He chose not to remain silent.

“I didn't do nothing they said. I didn't do none of that sort of thing,” Martin told the judge in court.

In the end, the judge decided to keep Martin behind bars.

“I'm going to hold no-bond on the sexual battery, we'll set a bond of five thousand dollars on the charge of battery,” he said.

Police say Martin's latest assault happened back in August of 2018. They say Martin attacked a woman who was riding her bike. Investigators analyzed DNA from the scene, and the results not only linked martin to that crime, but at least three others as well.

“It came back from the lab and were able to get a positive hit that matched our suspect,” said Chief Craig Capri, from Daytona Beach Police, “with that being said we have linked him to three other rapes. One in 2010, 2014 and 2017. And there is one in Holly Hill that he is linked to.”

Capri said Martin was only sorry that he got caught. “This guy is a serial rapist. He's going around hunting women and attacking women, and thank god they're alive. Who knows who else is out there?” Capri said, “anyone that's brazen to tell them in an interview that he committed the rape and had to get rough with them because they broke the deal.”

Now that Martin's behind bars, Daytona Beach Police are asking any other victims to come forward.