Stretch of 17/92 in Maitland floods, strands drivers

Two cars got stuck Sunday after a stretch of 17-92 in Maitland flooded for the second time in less than two weeks. 

State officials say a pump that was supposed to help drain water from the roadway malfunctioned. 

One car had water all the way up to its windows. 

The driver told the News Station she couldn’t open her door and a Good Samaritan stepped into help. 

Carolyn Johnson, who lives down the street, watched it happen. 

“My neighbor and I went down to assist her and see if she needed help, and a gentleman pulled her out,” Johnson said. “The young man, he had to bring her out of the window.”
Fire officials say the person inside a second vehicle also got out OK.
Flooding hit the area of 17-92 near Monroe Avenue at around 12:40 p.m., after heavy rain moved through the area.

After the water receded, street sweepers were called in to clear debris. 

Traffic was forced to go around the area for hours. 

“We already have construction right here and so it’s bad with pulling out because of the detours,” Johnson said. 

According to the Florida Department of Transportation, the City of Maitland is working on a drainage improvement project in the area. 

The city intentionally blocked the drainage inlet on 17-92 for crews to work and put pumps in instead. 

The state says one of those pumps failed Sunday, and the other one couldn’t handle all the water. 

A similar situation unfolded less than two weeks ago and the road was also shut down temporarily. 

FDOT says Maitland public works officials are expected to meet with developers Monday to discuss how to make sure the flooding doesn’t happen again.
The News Station reached out to the City of Maitland, but did not hear back before airtime.