Stolen kites recovered thanks to tight-knit surfer community

Authorities say a kite surfer caught a suspected burglar with stolen goods, plucked from his pal’s shop just blocks away.

It started with a smash-and-grab incident at Ron Jon Kiteboarding, off of A1A in Cocoa Beach.  Cocoa Beach Police responded and took a report about the burglary, and then they received a call from the beach, from Romann Chavannes.

Chavannes knew there had been a smash-and-grab, so he was immediately suspicious when a guy came up to him, asking him if he wanted to buy a kite.

“There was a particular brand of kites that were stolen, and that was exactly the kind of brand this gentleman was trying to get me to buy, so I asked him to see it,” Chavannes said.

Chavannes got a hold of the police, and officers arrived quickly. They looked around and found the suspect, who was then loaded into a cruiser in handcuffs.

“When someone comes in and violates you and takes your livelihood, we look out for each other,” Chavannes said.

The suspect, who was not immediately identified, is from North Carolina and is charged with possession of stolen goods.  Investigators are trying to learn if he acted alone or had accomplices