Stroke Awareness: Sponsored Advertising by AdventHealth

Dr. Indrani Acosta visited Good Day Orlando on Monday morning to discuss stroke awareness.  There are two types of strokes: a clot that can interrupt blood flow to the brain, or a ruptured vessel that can cause bleeding in the brain.   Both types can cause severe damage to the brain so it is important to recognize symptoms such as numbness or weakness on one side of the body, slurred speech, severe headache, vision trouble or difficulty understanding language.  Dr. Acosta recommends individuals discuss their family history and medical history with a physician to minimize stroke risk.  80% of strokes can be prevented and the number one risk factor is high blood pressure, so it is critical to monitor your blood pressure and treat it if needed.  During the month of May, anyone can get their blood pressure checked for FREE at any Centra Care location. 

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