Steve Noviello's favorite products for 2018

I get more than 1,000 product pitches each year. Some I fall in love with when I feature them.  In celebration of our Gift Guide’s 10th anniversary, here are my 10 favorite products this year!

Send photos from your phone directly to this smart frame anywhere in the world.  That means Grannie in Greenwich or Auntie in Amsterdam can keep up with high-resolution pictures.  It’s perfect for families with new babies, kids away at college (ok, maybe we don’t send mom and dad ALL the photos).  The streamlined design can be positioned in portrait or landscape and the power cable doubles as a kickstand for minimal clutter.
$150 |

We fell in love with this nail lacquer not only because of its gorgeous opaque coverage and color selection but the flip up design of the cap allows you to preview the color on your finger first.  Amazing!
$9.50 |

Forget paying hundreds of dollars for an electric toothbrush. Quip comes in at just $25 dollars.  No need to plug it in, this toothbrush is battery powered and comes with a holster that will stick to any smooth surface making it ideal or travel.  All the features of an expensive brush like a timer and quality bristles with none of the cost!
$25 |

Rose Club for Men is the convenient reminder service that gives you access to year-round fresh flowers that will last weeks instead of days at 70 percent less than the competition. This holiday season get a free membership to Rose Club for Men - normally $50 per year.  You will be conveniently reminded of all the special occasions in your life so you can properly celebrate your wife, girlfriend, mother, sister, or assistant each year. 
$50 |

Serve the best ice guaranteed!  You know the kind!  The Opal Nugget Ice Maker makes that chewable, crunchy, flavor-saving nugget ice.  Complete with Bluetooth so you can pre-program ice cycles in advance.

The Shark ION F80 is flexible, powerful and practical.  It has all of the power of a clunky upright and swept the competition!  We fell in love with the way it seems to propel itself across any surface and it’s flexible to get under furniture.  That’s right, IT bends, so you don’t have to!  Plus, the TWO included rechargeable batteries mean you’ll never run out of juice.
$400 |

Offer your tween a creative way to express them self with My Cinema Light Box. Inspired by retro cinema signs, it's the perfect addition to their desk or table. Simply slide in letters to make your message with changing colors to set the right vibe.
$27 |

This is the best view of your baby day or night!  Nanit Pro features a 24/7 birds-eye view in full HD even in night vision! View it all from your smartphone even when the internet is down. Listen in, play soothing sounds, even talk to baby!  Plus, smart notifications feature temperature and humidity sensors and an optional sleep tracking will help you improve baby’s sleeping patterns.
$279 |

Tell everyone on your baby registry to chip in and get this.  Don’t let the price point keep you from at least checking out the trial period.  From the first night we tested the Snoo Smart Sleeper, our 10-week-old slept through the night.  Snoo will rock baby to sleep and re-engage when it senses baby is awake.  The clip-in swaddle keeps baby on its back and you can track it all through the companion app.
$1160 |

We put this product to the test during the summer and we were amazed. It works!  Lightweight and portable, the Chill Chest kept our food ice cold for up to 10 hours without any ice! (Note: Frozen food stayed best when packed in the center. And, food will REMAIN cold, it won’t GET cold).  When you’re done, just fold it up and store it away! It weighs less than 2 pounds. The Chill Chest also locks in the temperature on hot foods to keep hot food piping hot for hours! It’s perfect for getting hot dishes to holiday parties!
$20 |

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