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Summer traffic is coming. While some of the morning traffic will be alleviated by the fact that the kids are out of school, we’re also about to see a big influx of tourists into the Orlando area as summer arrives! Toyota of Orlando is here with 6 tips to help you beat the heat, keep your cool, and deal with traffic in our city this summer.

Toyota of Orlando wants to help you stay cool and collected all summer

Tip #1: Stay calm and collected.

It’s tough to stay calm because traffic is oh-so-frustrating, but a good dose of distraction will help. It’s important to keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road, so distract yourself with audiobooks, podcasts, playlists, and even learning a new language when you’re behind the wheel. All of these things will help you keep your mind off of the fact that you’re stuck in traffic.

Tip #2: Make sure you’re comfortable and cool.

Make sure you cool your car off by running the A/C before you leave the parking lot because riding around in a hot car is miserable. Consider tinting your windows to stay even cooler, and don’t forget to bring sunglasses. You should also consider changing into comfortable clothes if you have a long commute, and think about bringing a drink or snack along with you.

Tip #3: Leave yourself extra time.

Never rush in traffic. It just ups your chances of getting into an accident! Instead, leave yourself an extra 10-15 minutes to deal with the road congestion so you can still drive safely and arrive at your intended time. It’s also smart to check traffic before you leave the house so you know how much extra time to allot, or to use the predictive HD Radio traffic technology found in our Orlando Toyota cars.

Beat traffic with these 6 simple tips

Tip #4: Know how to use your navigation to find an alternate route.

Knowing your way around town can help you if you’re facing a traffic jam as you can take an alternate route. If you’re not overly familiar with your area, use the Orlando Toyota navigation technology up for grabs in many of our cars to get off the main road and away from the problem!

Tip #5: Get gas before you get on the road.

Don’t risk getting stuck in traffic with a slowly lowering gas needle – running out of gas necessitates a tow or someone bringing you a gas can, both of which just cause more of a delay. Gas up before you hit the road to save yourself time, money, and sanity.

Tip #6: Don’t engage in aggressive driving.

Avoid aggressive driving no matter how frustrated you are. This type of driving will likely lead to a collision which will just delay you further and can cause serious property damage and injury. Stay calm and distract yourself from your frustration with the aforementioned tips.

Want more tips or want to check out the cool Orlando Toyota technology that can help you deal with traffic? Call us today at (407) 298-0001!

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