Spirit Airlines flight from Dallas to Orlando diverted due to smoke from overheated battery

There were some scary moments for passengers onboard a Spirit Airlines flight from Dallas to Orlando on Wednesday. The plane had to be diverted to Jacksonville after the airline said a battery overheated in the overhead bin which caused smoke to fill the cabin. 

One of the passengers told FOX 35 News that he isn’t upset with the airline and thinks they handled it the best they could, but he was not a fan of waiting inside the plane with all that smoke.  He posted a video on his Twitter account that shows what it looked like inside the cabin.

Joseph Fleck said his family decided to take a $250 Uber ride to Orlando, for which he was reimbursed. We asked him if he was still going to fly Spirit in the future, and he told us he would.

Spirit Airlines said it was working on rearranging transportation for all those passengers to get to Orlando, offering full refunds and future travel vouchers.