Special grocery cart keeps a loyal Publix shopper

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Skyler Reedy's favorite part of the week is shopping at Publix with her dad.  The more this special needs 11-year old grows, the more challenging these trips have become.  

"I would sit her inside of a cart push that one while I pulled the cart that I put the groceries in. That was fine, until she got big enough that she decided she wanted to get out all the time. So, I stopped the manager of the store and asked her if she could look into buying a Caroline Cart," said Aaron Reedy.  

A "Caroline's Cart" is a grocery cart, designed specifically to fit older children and adults with disabilities. A few months went by, nothing.  Then, last Saturday the Publix at Conway and Hoffner in Orlando, where the Reedy's shops every week, had a surprise.

"I was pushing it and her face.  You should see the look on her face.  It was such a surprise. And I was like, oh my God. I started smiling.  And, she started smiling an clapping and got excited. I got excited with her and she gave me her puffs," said Cheryl Campbell, the Publix Meals clerk.

Skyler couldn't wait to get back to Publix to shop in her special cart this week and to see her buddy Ms. Cheryl.  Before shopping for a single grocery, Skyler always has her dad push her over to see Ms. Cheryl at the Apron's booth for a few high five and a nice hello.  Shopping with Skyler in the "Caroline Cart" is proving to be a great experience for the Reedys.  

"She's happy as can be. Nice and calm and quiet," said Aaron Reedy as Skyler helped him pick out pancakes for tomorrow morning.  

When FOX 35 asked him what the Caroline's cart means to him, he got a little emotional.  

"It means that I'll be able to continue take her shopping."

Which for this daddy-daughter duo is way more than a trip to the store.

"This is our time. This is what we do. This is the little bit of quality time I can spend with her that she enjoys doing," said Aaron Reedy.  "My wife calls it our date."