SpaceX launch scrubbed again due to sensor issues

SpaceX was scheduled to launch a rocket on Wednesday morning, but it has since been scrubbed for a second time

The SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket is expected to launch a new next-generation GPS satellite into space. The launch was originally planned for Tuesday morning, but was scrubbed because of a sensor reading. SpaceX then tweeted on Wednesday morning that the rocket is still having sensor issues. Once the issue is fixed, a new launch date will be given.



Vice President Mike Pence was in attendance for Tuesday's expected launch. While there, he announced that President Trump has given the green light for a U.S. Space Command to oversee all military operations in space.

The Vice President says that the Space Command will be good for the Space Coast. He stated that "this is a positive development for efficiency and resiliency and sustainability in national security assets in space regardless of whether or not we get to a space force."

This launch is the first of 32 planned GPS satellites that will be launched into space to replace old ones currently in orbit. Officials say the new satellites are designed to be more accurate, secure and versatile.