Space Perspective wants to send people 100,000 feet high to the edge of space. Here's when

(Space Perspective/Artist Rendering)

Soon enough, people visiting Florida's Space Coast to watch SpaceX's rocket launches to the International Space Station may be able to visit space themselves – or at least the edge of it.

Space Perspective is betting on balloons – massive balloons – to lift people to the very edge of space, more than 100,000 feet above the Earth's ground – and the latest venture in commercial space travel and exploration.

Officials met Tuesday to dedicate Space Perspective's manufacturing facility in Titusville, where these larger-than-life balloons will be built.

An out-of-this world modern experience

"Our balloon will be going up to a little over 100,000 feet. It will weigh approximately 6,000 pounds," said Mitzi Giles, who leads balloon manufacturing and development for Space Perspective.

While it may look like a hot air balloon, instead of baskets, these balloons will have cutting-edge capsules beneath them, allowing for panoramic views of space and Earth's atmosphere, officials said.

Each capsule will have a bar, lounge, and Wi-Fi onboard to enjoy the total six-hour flight there and back.

"We are introducing people from around the world to the magic of the Space Coast and the incredible history of our nation’s human spaceflight program," said Space Perspective CEO Jane Poynter.

Space flights won't be the same cost as a commercial airline flight either. Each seat is $125,000 – and Space Perspective said it's already sold 1,600 tickets.

The balloons themselves will be built inside a massive 700-foot tent – and two balloons can be built as the same time.

"It’ll take about five weeks to build some of the first ones," Giles said. "Eventually, we’ll be able to cut down some of that manufacturing time." 

The company described the ride up as a gentle journey. 

"We are really the stuff that’s ‘Star Trek’ is made of happening right here. Words cannot begin to express it,"said state representative Thad Altman.

Space Perspective said they will create over 100 new jobs.

Space tourism is expected to become a $13-$15 billion dollar business – yes, billions – by the end of the decade, officials said.

"The Space Coast will benefit economically from your increase jobs, a growing space industry and by tourism dollars," said State Senator Debbie Mayfield. 

Space Perspective hopes to have their first commercial flights by the end of 2024.