Space Coast revolution continues with SpaceX announcement

SpaceX has made another big announcement that will have a huge impact on Florida's Space Coast.

Rockets have always launched from the Sunshine State, but now, Elon Musk is looking to make Florida more than just a launch pad in this rebirth of space exploration.

It was the tweet that launched a thousand questions.  Musk confirmed on Twitter that the “Mars” Starship will not only be launched from Florida, but also built here.

“The possibilities are endless. I love what it's doing for space exploration,” said NASA orbiter engineering manager Jon Cowart.

SpaceX is hoping the Starship will someday send astronauts to Mars.

In the past, rockets have been built elsewhere and then moved to Florida to launch. What exactly this means for Florida is still unclear but exciting.

“Traditionally, I would say yes, you need a big giant building to go build a rocket but with this guy, I don't know. His concept of building is incredible. We'll see exactly what it's going to take and what he needs,” said Cowart.

What is clear is Musk hopes to move quickly. A prototype of the Starship rocket is already in Texas. Musk tweeted Starship heat shield testing went smoothly this weekend and that hops, or little launches, are planned soon. Hope for space enthusiasts and experts is now out of this world.

“SpaceX here in the area, it's exciting. I can't wait to see what's going to happen next,” said Cowart.

Musk also tweeted that the hops will hopefully happen next week, but admitted it’s hard to say because there are a lot of issues during these early stages.