Stores once again facing shortages of cleaning supplies, paper products

It's once again becoming a familiar sight at grocery stores around Central Florida as customers are experiencing shortages in cleaning supplies and paper products.

A Publix spokesperson said they are implementing limits on paper towels and bath tissue due to higher demand and ask shoppers to buy only what they need. However, as some plan for additional people in their home for Thanksgiving, it's not easy, they said.

"Nothing on the shelves, empty," said shopper Angel Baez-Camacho. "You go and try to buy paper and can’t get it. Running out. Everybody’s scared. They think there will be a lockdown again."

"The shelves are definitely starting to look a little bare," said shopper Linda Mahaffey

Even Costco has been running out of supplies. With COVID-19 numbers on the rise, experts said the demand for products also goes up.

"Cleaning materials are still in high demand if you see an increase, uptick in infection rates," explained Dr, Axel Stock, an associate professor of Marketing at the University of Central Florida.

Mark Thompson of said stores do their best to plan, but it doesn’t always work.

"I think the unexpected has caused people to plan and maybe pack away items they otherwise wouldn’t normally do."

At the grand opening of Sprouts in Dr. Phillips, there were plenty of paper supplies on their shelves, but it's more expensive. 

As supplies get lower at other stores, some customers don’t want to take any chances. That’s why they’re buying now.

Mahaffey added, "I was afraid if I waited another week they wouldn’t have any." 

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