Some consider private charters amid holiday flight cancellations

After dealing with cancellations and delays for the past week, some flyers are considering taking extreme measures to get to their destination.

"We are going to be home in the next 12 hours," said Allie Carter, while looking at the board showing delays at Orlando International Airport.

After seeing so many flights have issues this week, Carter is considering all options.

"Plan B was book a secondary flight with another airline," Carter said. "Our plan C is we’ve got a couple of different options for private jets."

Almost a week later, Marco Villalobos had to book a much more expensive flight to his destination.

"We were planning on being with our family in Las Vegas Christmas day, we’ll be there by tomorrow," Villalobos said.

That's why some are opting to just get their own plane.

"We were pretty successful this past couple of days to step in and help people get to their Christmas destination," said Joel Thomas, the CEO of Orlando-based Stratos Jet Charters.

Thomas says they have gained 17 new clients since the 24th, because of all the problems with commercial flights.

It can cost thousands of dollars more per seat, but the company says it has worked for people who really needed to get somewhere.

"It’s more expensive still than commercial, but it’s a valuable resource to people who really want to get to their destination, or especially for businesses at this time," Thomas said.