Some Central Florida residents brace for freezing temps

Freeze warnings are in effect for parts of central Florida so there are some things people should remember before heading out the door Tuesday.

Back to school means bundle up. You're going to want to make sure kids are covered at the bus stop after the three day holiday weekend.  

"I definitely have my warm clothes out," said Lucy LaRegina, who was walking at Lake Eola Monday.

A big dip in the temps may mean some extra work for homeowners too.

Pool experts say you want to make sure your system isn't damaged by the cold. Jignesh Gandhi, who owns a Pinch-a-Penny in Edgewood, says to keep your pump running when the temperature is near or below freezing.

"The water is moving so it doesn’t freeze," he said.

Gandhi says if you're going out of town, you can also just turn the pump system off for a couple of days and then start it again once it warms up outside.

Other water to potentially worry about is the stuff keeping your grass green and shrubs growing. 

"Some of the parts inside, the internal parts, are plastic. They’re subject to busting if it freezes," said Jim Russell of Milton Outdoors.

He says if you have concerns, you can put a blanket over the back flow preventer. 

"If you see a brass valve sticking about 12 to 48 inches above grade that’s it," Russell explained.

Local fire officials are also warning people to be safe when using space heaters. They say there should be at least three feet of space between the heater and anything that could catch on fire.