Social media series helps Flagler Co. deputies track down fugitive

Talk about the power of social media.

Flagler County deputies tracked down a wanted fugitive thanks, in part, to tips generated from their weekly "Friday Fugitive Bingo" series.

If you've ever watched the series, you'll notice the style including a bit of flash.

Flagler County Sheriff Rick Staly says, "We try to make it so that it'll grab their attention."

It's all part of Staly's social media strategy, and he says it's working.

Staly says, "We get tips all the time coming in from Facebook and other social media outlets."

Social media is partly how deputies caught wanted fugitive Christopher Layer.

Detective work and "Fugitive Bingo" tips led them straight to a Palm Coast hotel where a die-hard "Fugitive Bingo" fan happened to be on duty.

The manager told Fox 35 that she looks forward to watching "Friday Fugitive Bingo" every week. 

Staly says, "As soon as he got out of the car, she apparently said, 'Hey, you're that fugitive guy!'"  

The manager led deputies straight to the room  where Layer was staying.

Staly says, "I've always believed an engaged community is a safer community."

Flagler County isn't the only county with this social media strategy.

Brevard County has its "Fugitive Wheel" and "Cooking Up Justice" series. 

Volusia County has its "Scumbag of the Week."