Sneak peek at Sesame Street at SeaWorld Orlando

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SeaWorld Orlando is making progress on Sesame Street at SeaWorld Orlando, which will bring the world famous street and all of its fun characters to park guests. 

The new themed area will be located on the south end of the park, where Happy Harbor currently stands.  It is slated to open later this year. PHOTO GALLERY. 

In the middle of the six-acre Sesame Street attraction is Big Bird's nest, where children can gather for story time,  then right next door is the iconic 123 stoop.  Across the street, you can see six rides taking shape. They are rebranded children’s rides to fit the Sesame theme.

"We had some kid rides before, and what we've done is given them all a character overlay. So you're going to see Cookie Monster as part of the drop tower, you're going to see Super Grover's box car derby race...our choo choo train is now our Elmo's choo choo train. We now have an Abby [Cadabby] ride, where you jump into a flower pot and fly into the sky with your magic," explained Amanda Trauger, Experience Design Manager for SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment.

Every day, there will be a Sesame Street parade -- SeaWorld Orlando's first-ever parade.  It will provide an opportunity to meet all of your favorite hug-able characters.  Other features include: Mr. Hooper’s store, wet and dry play areas, and interactive experiences designed to entertain the entire family. 

Officials said the park is designed to be autism friendly.