Snake recovers after swallowing ping pong ball

The snake that captured our hearts by swallowing a ping-pong ball is slithering free.

Not everyone thought it was precious, but veterinarians in Brevard County, Florida say the snake likely thought the ping pong ball was an egg.   They performed surgery on the snake to save it. Now, its back in the wild.

Back in October, video and pictures of the rat snake, with a yellowish-greenish tint, became the subject of headlines near and far. The two-foot-long snake had eaten a ping pong ball.  Volunteers with Wild Florida Rescue brought it to the Young’s Animal hospital in Titusville. They cut the snake open, took out the ball, then stitched it back up.

The snake then went to the Florida Wildlife Hospital and Sanctuary in Palm Shores. After a months-long recovery, the staff let the snake go.

The snake was initially found on a golf course. It was first thought that it had swallowed a golf ball, thinking it was an egg.  On doctor’s orders, the snake needs to stay away from the fairway and the beer-pong table.