Snake pulled from under hood of car

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For many people, seeing a snake is the most terrifying thing imaginable, much less seeing one staring you down, sticking out of your vehicle.  

That was exactly the situation for an Osceola County, Florida woman and her daughter.

"It was coming right underneath the windshield wipers," said Coleen Taylor, who's still terrified, just thinking about the slithery serpent pulled from her daughter's vehicle.

"Freaked out! Absolutely freaked out! I felt that we would probably have to sell the car."

After neighbors were unable to get the snake out of the car, Osceola County Animal Control was called in, to safely remove the roaming reptile.

"The head was coming out of the little hole here. So, he pulled this up, and we saw it coiled in there. And, by the time he grabbed it, it was stretched from here, all the way across to the other side."

Thankfully, it was a common rat snake, posing no real risk to humans. But, that doesn't change Taylor's mind about snakes and how it has impacted her approach to checking things out, before getting into her car from now on.

"Most definitely. I did this morning as I got in."