Smoke, hot spots visible from space

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Hot spots, plumes of smoke, and changes in the landscape due to wildfires in California are on dramatic display thanks to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s National Environmental Satellites.

NOAA posted views from its GOES East satellite of the fast-moving Woolsey Fire that prompted evacuations in Malibu and has already destroyed uncounted amounts of property.

At the same time, the nearby Hill Fire covering more than 6,000 acres as of Friday evening pushed additional smoke toward the Atlantic Ocean.

The NOAA-20 satellite also captured images of the Camp Fire, which had claimed 9 lives as of Saturday afternoon and was covering more than 70,000 acres north of Sacramento.

NOAA continues to post satellite imagery as the fires billow smoke and scorch vast areas of land. The administration has also made its satellite imagery interactive map available to the public, which can be viewed by clicking here.