Smoke alarm alerts family to patio fire caused by mosquito candle, officials say

Orange County Fire Rescue units responded to a house fire at 4901 Camberlane Drive in Orlando around 12 p.m. on Monday,

According to authorities, the front of the house was on fire and there was one adult, one child, and two dogs inside the residence.

While the fire was being extinguished, firefighters were able to determine the occupants got out and they located a dog under a couch inside the smoke-charged house.

The dog was assessed for any injuries or difficulty breathing. 

The smoke detector inside the home did sound and alerted the family of the fire. Firefighters will be bringing a new smoke detector to the family. 

Officials said a preliminary investigation reveals that the cause of the fire was the result of a mosquito candle next to a sofa on the front porch.

Orange County Fire Rescue urges residents to always check and make sure they have working smoke alarms inside the house.

The family is being assisted by the American Red Cross.

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